​​​​​" The art of riding lies in making the horse easy to ride, but unfortunately until the rider can sit right, the horse will not go right."

​Mary Wanell 

Dream Ride Equestrian Training offers horseback riding lessons near Calgary.  We are equipped with two full size interactive horse simulators who accommodate both jumping and dressage.  With realistic movements and using sensors on the horse, the beginner can "learn to ride" in a safe and controlled environment gaining knowledge and confidence.  Experienced riders are able to examine their riding skills with the instant feedback of aids, balance, and printable reports.  Approved trainers may also teach their own students once they have been "qualified" in the use of the simulator.  Dream Ride Equestrians' modern approach to riding has something to offer all riders, regardless of skill level.

Horse Simulators near Calgary

trying new saddles?

The purchase of a new saddle can be a time consuming exercise for you and your horse.  You need to ride in the saddle to try it for yourself, but, it may not fit your horse, causing discomfort and perhaps soreness. The horse simulator makes it easy to try saddles until you find the one you want, then, order the saddle to fit your horse.  



Paramour Dressage

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