What do I wear?

The riders weight limit is 220 pounds.

How long before I see changes/improvement?

Does it feel like a real horse?

Dream Ride Equestrian Training - horse simulators

Riding apparel is best or tight fitting pants, foot wear with 1/2" heel, helmet if you have one.

Can I bring my own trainer or ride on my own?

Yes, you can bring your own saddle. We also have some available.

Can I bring my own saddle?

Trainers must be trained as to the proper operation of the simulators and must carry valid trainers insurance.  Once approved, they may bring their students for lessons.  Sorry, no riders without a trainer present.

Horse Simulator near Calgary

The ability to visually see what you are doing along with the immediate feed back and corrections, make the learning curve very steep. Think of it like an "expressway", a faster way to get there. Also consider that you are using the perfect horse and the sessions are all about you, the rider.  Most riders notice a difference after the first one or two sessions. 

Yes.Watching the screen and feeling the horse makes the ride seem very real.  Most people end up petting and talking to the horse.

Is there a weight restriction?

Frequently Asked Questions

It's a lot like nuts and bolts - if the rider's nuts, the horse bolts!

~The Horse Whisperer