for the trainer

for the young beginner

For those who want to learn or just "get back in the saddle" the simulators are perfect.  Remove the fear factor and install confidence. Riding is physically demanding and the simulator is also ideal for obtaining and maintaining the fitness required.  Horseback riding lessons are customized to your abilities.  We are close to Calgary and are easily located.

Horse Simulators and Services - Calgary

for the experienced

for the young at heart

Hone your skills.  Over time we tend to pick up habits or do things with our bodies that we don't even realize.  The simulator will show how you are using your body to influence the horse.  Maybe we want to practice a specific move or ride a dressage test over and over.  Perhaps your steed is off with an injury but you want to maintain your riding skills. 

An Excellent Tool for...

Young riders are at ease with the simulator as it interacts with them much like a video game. They learn how to balance, steer, stop and  go with confidence in a safe and controlled environment.  With an instructor by their side the development of these skills prepares them for riding a "real" horse.  We are the only horse simulators in the Calgary area.

Imagine...a warm, quiet room in a beautiful location, just you and your student, no interruptions, the ability to reach out and touch the rider through all the paces, teach and practice new aids without having to give the horse a break.

We are happy to accept trainers and allow them to work with  their own students once they have been approved on the operation of the simulator.   Valid insurance is required.

If your horse says NO,

you either asked the wrong question, or

asked the question wrong.

~Pat Parelli




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