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Dream Ride Equestrian Training - horse simulator

Mimi - General riding, specializing in jumping

Mimi is a Jumper simulator suitable for beginners to advanced riders.  She is able to free ride in the field or jump a stadium course as well as a cross country course.  Screen indicators help the rider to see the ideal "take-off" point and learn to adjust their pace and stride accordingly.  With sharp turns and lead changes throughout the course the rider learns to maneuver the horse and assess the trajectory of their current ride.   Mimi gives you  on screen reporting throughout the ride as well as a full report of each jump at the end of the course.  The trainer and the rider can now examine areas the rider needs to work on. Mimi is a big-hearted girl who will never refuse a jump, buck, or bolt.

About Luke

Horse Simulators near Calgary

About Mimi

Dream Ride Equestrian Training horse simulators are actual size, fully inter-active computerized horses.  They are designed as a training tool to allow riders the opportunity to work on themselves, without the concerns of what  the horse is doing.  Proper rider position, balance, leg aids and use of hands are all requirements to ensure good communication with your horse and enhance your riding experience.

Strategically placed sensors on the body of the horse simulator create computer readings which appear on the large screen TV.  (Printable reports are also available so that the trainer/rider can monitor progress.) This immediate visual feedback enables the trainer to instantly correct the rider allowing them to recognize and feel proper balance, as well as hand and leg aids.  This in turn creates a more physical awareness and encourages muscle control and memory for the rider.  Each horse can also have its paces controlled by the trainer and has an accessible STOP button.

Dream Ride Equestrian Training-  horse simulator

Luke - General riding, specializing in Dressage

"Well could he ride, and often men would say, "That horse his mettle from his rider takes: Proud of subjection, noble by the sway, What rounds, what bounds, what course, what stop he makes!" And controversy hence a question takes, Whether the horse by him became his deed, Or he his manage by the well-dong steed."

~William Shakespeare

Luke is a Dressage simulator capable of upper level movements, as well as dressage tests in either a 20 x 40 or 20 x 60 meter ring.  He is sensitive and obedient.  He can examine your riding position as he puts you through an analytical test.  He can free ride, ring ride or hone your skills in a dressage test.  You can also ride your own tests (and replay the ride), explore new movements, or, perfect half halts and transitions of gaits. He will not tire of your trials and errors.  He is an absolute gentleman.